Holiday heat hammered down on southern New England on Wednesday, as cities and towns across the region celebrated Independence Day.

Several people were treated for heat exhaustion at the Bristol Parade and fire officials in Chepachet tell ABC 6 News that one person marching in the Ancients and Horribles parade was treated for the heat.

The crowd did not let the hot weather spoil its Fourth of July, as red, white and blue lined the streets.

"The parade's not that long so you kind of deal with it," said Burrillville resident, Kim Klipp, who attended the Ancient and Horribles parade. "We earned it over the winter. We earned some hot times and good beach days."

Klipp said she left her daughter at home because it was just too hot for the young girl, but she did enjoy the parade with her son.

Debra McCarron stayed in the shade watching the parade go by.

"It's much too hot to be out here like this," she said. "I feel bad for the people in the parade."

The CDC advises everyone to drink plenty of water outdoors even if you're not thirsty and to hold off on too much heavy foods, as it can add heat to your body.