By: Chloe Leshner


CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE) -- A local diver says whats happening in Thailand is incredibly risky. The clock is ticking on the dangerous mission to save the 12 boys and their coach who have been trapped in a cave in Thailand for days.

Diver Chris Trainor can't look away from the rescue mission unfolding in Thailand.

"It's a thrilling story to keep up with," he says.

He's an avid diver and instructor in Cumberland with Dive On It Scuba, teaching others how to perform rescues.

"They're running low on breathable air, they're in a very small enclosed area so the oxygen level in the air they're breathing is starting to drop a little bit so that will add to fatigue and potential health issues," says Trainor.

Cave diving is the most advanced type of diving and takes years and years of training. A Navy SEAL died earlier this week trying to help and many of the boys who are stuck don't know how to swim

"They might be surrounded by water but it's really not a good place to learn how to swim right now," says Trainor.

It's not only physically grueling but also requires intense mental strength.

"You have to think of hazards you have to think of the people on the other side, you have to have your mind perfectly clear," says Trainor.

Panicking can literally mean life or death.

The boys appear to be in good spirits sending notes to their families.

As authorities on the ground in Thailand race to come up with a plan, Trainor is hopeful for a positive outcome.

"I personally think they're going to get the kids out. Human beings are resilient, we'll come up with ideas," he says.

It's a race against the rain so they may try to get the boys out Saturday night, each one accompanied by a "buddy diver."

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