By: Sarah E. Rooney

Twitter: @ABC6

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (WLNE) – Massachusetts State Police announced via Twitter that they have received about 500 requests from families hoping to be placed on the availability list for retired K-9 adoptions.

In a Facebook post Monday, Mass State Police wrote that they are preparing for the retirement of two K-9 working dogs by updating their list of interested owners.

According to the post, dogs that work with the police force generally live with their Trooper handlers upon retirement. In some situations, however, State Police must find new forever homes for the four-legged officers.

This is the case for two K-9s that are set to retire in the near future.

One of the dogs, Klauss, is a Malinois mix that was trained in both patrol and human remains detection. He is five-and-a-half years old.

The other dog is an 8-year-old German Shepherd named Alex. Originally from Slovakia, Alex joined the force and was trained in patrol and narcotics detection.

In a tweet sent out Tuesday, State Police announced that they received an overwhelming response from people hoping to be placed on the vetting list, with about 500 people expressing interest.

According to the Tuesday afternoon tweet, State Police have begun the process of extensively vetting prospective owners.

Anyone interested in being placed on the availability list for adopting K-9 dogs should contact the K-9 Unit Commander, Patrick Silva, at

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