By: Chloe Leshner


TAUNTON, MASS. (WLNE) -- Three Taunton men are facing felony charges after putting a video of themselves seemingly blowing marijuana smoke into a goats face on social media. Now each is being charged with one count of animal cruelty and the goat is in the care of animal control. 

The goat seems to be unharmed but police say what happened to her is actually a pretty serious felony. They say this is the first time in Taunton, an animal cruelty case involving marijuana has happened.A video of a goat being pulled against its will, 3 men appearing to blow marijuana smoke in her face is causing a buzz online and is now leading to felony animal cruelty charges.“I was definitely shocked especially the way she was screaming and stuff, you could see that they had her mouth opening and were blowing it in her throat," says Animal Control Officer Manuel Massa.Whether the drugs affected her, is hard to know."I can't honestly say if she did, that’s a hard thing to say," says Massa.Now she’s at the Taunton Animal Shelter and 20 year old Lorenzo Kelly, 21 year old Jared Jorge and 18 year old Nuno Camara Jr. are each charged with one count of animal cruelty. “I don’t think anything with animal cruelty is a joke. It's not fair treatment it shouldn't be done to any animal regardless of the situation," says Lt. Eric Nichols with the Taunton Police Department.The goat belongs to Camara's family and although the suspects asked ABC 6 News cameras to leave the property, Camara's brother-in-law let us in the backyard to show where they keep the animals. He says what his younger brother-in-law did was “stupid and embarrassing," but that they take great care of the animals.The Animal Control officer says they’ll be finding her a better home.“Shes been amazing, she loves people ,she wants to be with somebody all the time," says Massa.The 3 men could have to pay fines or even face jail time. It's unclear when they'll be in court.

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