By Alana Cerrone


CONWAY, S.C. (WLNE) - Bob Thibodeau's enjoying what might be the last bit of sunshine for a while. The Rhode Island native is riding out the Hurricane Florence at his home in Conway, South Carolina - just minutes from Myrtle Beach.

"Police are everywhere. They're re-routing traffic. Of the 500 houses in our community. 100 probably left," Thibodeau says.

The lake in his backyard has been drained ahead of the storm surge and torrential downpours. His windows and doors are boarded up.

But he's not just worried about his home, it's the coastline, too.

"That's why we came up here - the 60-mile stretch of gorgeous beaches. The erosion is gonna be awful,” he says.

Mandie Millard's seen many hurricanes in her 7 years in Charleston.

The Burrillville native is sticking it out in Charleston – but she has learned from experience. Her home nearly flooded after Hurricane Irma.

"Trees go down, you lose power, you can't really get a lot of places," she says.

This time around, she's staying at another home nearby that's higher off the ground.

She wants to stay close to her house so she can get back easily once it's safe.

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