By: Scott Cook

Twitter: @SCookABC6

JOHNSTON, R.I. (WLNE) -- The town of Johnston is still trying to tackle its turkey problem.

The last of the three birds continues to run around town, darting through traffic, and loitering outside of storefronts.

Friday morning, Mayor Joe Polisena led yet another valiant effort to catch the rogue turkey.

The day started like an episode of Cops, with members of the media piled into the back of Mayor Polisena's Ford Explorer, on the hunt for Rhode Island's most infamous fowl.

"The purpose of us trying to catch him is [because] I'm getting a lot of calls about people swerving, slamming on brakes, and I don't want anyone to get hurt," said Mayor Polisena.

Just after 8 AM, the turkey was spotted in a Stop and Shop parking lot.

Experts, armed with a net gun, pulled up next to the bird and fired but nothing happened.

"I thought we had him,” the Mayor said. “We had him cornered, but that special net gun misfired. It didn't fire."

Then, the bird took off down Atwood Avenue, running right in the middle of traffic.

With Polisena and Animal Control chasing behind, the turkey then spread its wings and flew off into the woods behind a strip mall, leaving the mayor once again unsuccessful.

"Obviously it was disappointing,” Polisena explained. “We had him cornered, and I was just amazed at the way he ran down Atwood Avenue down the yellow lines. Thank goodness he didn't get hit!"

Polisena says he won't give up, and another effort to corral the turkey is already in the works.

But after months of unsuccessful attempts, he's changed his mind on Thanksgiving dinner.

"I told my wife I'm not having turkey. I'd rather have lasagna or chicken," the Mayor explained. "I’m done with turkey for now, its just frustrating. I’m afraid if I ate turkey, I’d have flashbacks of chasing this guy."

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