PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Democrats have regained control of the House of Representatives but republicans now have a stronger grip in the Senate. There was definitely a blue wave in Rhode Island, democrats winning up and down the ticket but that didn't happen nationally.

Democrats flipped enough seats to win back the house.

"They want it focused on the American people and how we grow a stronger middle class and focusing on better jobs, higher wages and affordable health care, including covering pre existing conditions. That's what I read into last nights outcome,” says Congressman Jim Langevin.

But on the flip side, republicans now have a stronger hold in the Senate.

"The divisive rhetoric, ugly language and the stoking of fear that the president engaged in, worked in some places,” says Congressman David Cicilline.

Now the question becomes will a split congress lead to gridlock or bipartisanship.

“We will need strong bipartisan cooperation, that's how the big problems get addressed. I'm ready to do that, on every major issue I’ve ever worked on I’ve been able to reach across the aisle and I’ve been met with great success on that,” says Langevin.

Both congressmen won big Tuesday night.

Cicilline can put Rhode Island front and center with the opportunity to win a leadership role that would make him the fourth most powerful democrat in the house.

"It’s like any other race you announce your candidacy and reach out to colleagues old and new and make the pitch as to why you think you'd be good in that position. For me it’s about making sure Rhode Island is at the leadership table,” says Cicilline.

He also stressed that one of the top priorities now that democrats are back in control of the House has to be oversight and holding the Trump Administration accountable.

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