By Jordan Mazza


CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WLNE) -- It's not just the fact that 27-year-old Thomas Scuturio was murdered in Central Falls Friday.

It's the way he was murdered: shot on the front steps just inches away from his mother.

"To see her son go down like that, I know that she's hurting," said neighbor Monique Da Silva. "She's hurting a lot. And I feel for her. And I don't think any mother should have to go through that."

"He was friendly with me, I was friendly with him," said neighbor Brennan DiGiovanni. "He was really young. And his family's without him now."

Neighbors are concerned for their own families with the suspect on the loose.

"I don't even let my kids come outside the house now," Da Silva said. "Once it hits dark we're inside, and that's it."

But they say they will support the family until the suspect is found.

"I'm just a door away, a phone call away. I'm going to stick by them," Da Silva said. "And we're hopefully going to get justice for Thomas."

Central Falls Police say this homicide investigation is ongoing.


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