1000th Puppy is Welcomed at The Potter League

The Potter League for Animals in Middletown welcomed it's 1000th puppy rescue on Tuesday. “Kisses” is getting a second chance. She is one of seven in a litter from North Carolina that was abandoned in a cardboard box outside of a veterinarians office. The veterinarian in turn, dropped the puppies at a shelter. Because of overcrowding and the low demand for puppies there, the chance for the puppies to be adopted were slim to none.

Luckily for Kisses and her brothers and sisters, that shelter in North Carolina is sister shelters with The Potter League. About once a month, the shelter flies in puppies and dogs to rescue them and find loving homes here in Southern New England.  Christie Smith, Executive Director of The Potter League says, “we're able to take all these dogs that you see here today out the door and into new homes within the week which saves lives and meets the communities needs.”

The Potter League for Animals was started in 1929 and in June of 2009, a brand new facility was opened in Middletown. The facility doesn't act as just a shelter for all animals, the league offers obedience training, puppy play groups, dog sports classes, and many more. You can get all the information on their website at The Potter League.