12-year-old describes terrifying night stuck in swamp

By Abbey Niezgoda


A father and son from Wakefield are lucky to be alive tonight, after being stuck in a swamp for more than 12 hours.

Darin Pierce and his son Logan ventured out for a rafting trip Sunday, but they ended up lost in the Great Swamp in South Kingstown. Logan, who was released from the hospital late Monday night, says it all started with one bad, split-second decision.

“The water was getting thinner so we had to put the boat up on the grass and walk through the swamp,” Pierce said. “We learned later that was a big mistake.”

Their boat washed ashore along with a shoe that helped rescuers pinpoint a direction and start yelling their names. Then finally, they got a response. The pair was chest deep in water and surrounded by poison oak.

“I'm just really cut up,” Logan said. “I didn't realize there would be poison oak and prickers 6 feet high.”

Even with the scratches, he and his father were able to walk to the helicopter and then to the ambulance, which took them both to the hospital. They were treated for dehydration. His father had to spend the night in the hospital.

Logan says he is just happy the rafting journey is over, finally at home.