12th Anniversary of The Station Nightclub Fire is Marked

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In West Warwick, the wind–chill was sub–zero -with snow four–feet deep, and despite taking a spill –  Jody King was determined to get to where his brother Tracy died 12 years ago. in The Station night club fire.

Tracy was a bouncer, who helped at least six people escape, before he was overcome by smoke.

“I’ve met six families I believe, now that have come forward and said, ‘Your brother took my wife, my daughter, my husband and threw him out a window. He was an amazing person to me.‘” said his brother Jody King.

Reporter Q: He died a hero didn’t he?

“Yeah,” King said.

In all one-hundred people were killed in the fire; hundreds of others were injured.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “Despite the bitter, frigid temperatures, people visiting The Station site said today it’s important no one ever forgets what happened here.”

Among those stopping by, Dave Kane, whose son Nicholas, was the youngest person to die.

“We live it everyday. We know that Nickie is safe, and we believe he is around us always, and we embrace him today, as we do everyday,” said Dave Kane.

Relatives are still hoping that fundraising for a permanent memorial here will be successful.

“We need to regenerate the view and get people to understand that this isn’t over yet. It needs to be built. And we need to learn the lesson,” said Kane.

As for Jody King, he has his own unique memorial, a tattoo of his brother Tracy, on his chest.

“It’s over my heart. So I will always remember. He’s in my heart everyday. He’s in my mind everyday. He was a great kid.

Many tell us it’s just hard to believe a dozen years have now passed since The Station fire.

Anyone who would like to learn more and contribute to the permanent memorial should go to: www.StationFireMemorialFoundation.org.