13 displaced in overnight Providence fire

By News Staff

Reporting by Kainani Stevens

A three-story house in Providence was destroyed in an early morning fire, leaving 13 people displaced.

Residents awoke to the sound of fire alarms just before 3 a.m., some even forced to jump out of windows to escape the flames.

The shell of a home remains at 55 Ellery Street. Antonio Berrera was one of the 13 residents inside when the fire broke out

"I woke up and all I see is smoke coming up the stairs. I grab the kids, then I yell, ‘go, go, please go, there’s a fire,’" said Berrera.

Antonio and his extended family frantically were able to escape through a back window as the front of the home was completely engulfed in flames.

"They have a short, low-porch roof, and hat’s how they were able to break out the back window, jump out onto the roof, then jump onto the ground," said Providence Fire Chief Scott Mello.

Crews had a difficult time containing the blaze and four firefighters were injured.

Of the 13 people displaced, five of them are young small children. Berrera is just grateful his children made it out safely.

The home is no longer an immediate collapse risk, but the home will have to be town down soon. There is no word yet on an official cause.

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