13 Year Old Triggers Amber Alert, Found Hour Later

A 13 year old from Providence has a lot of explaining to do. State police issued an Amber Alert Wednesday after she vanished, but an hour later, the teen was found hanging out at the Providence Place Mall with two guys.

Joyce Liberty's family got several graphic text messages, saying things like the 13 year old was going to be killed and cut to pieces. State Police issued an Amber Alert to try to find her, but now  they're not so sure if she was really ever in any danger.

Police found 13 year old Joyce Liberty walking with two guys on the third floor of the Providence Place Mall. Family members said she left her house in Providence Tuesday afternoon and never came back.

“The last 24 hours everything is a blank,” said Joyce's foster mom, “I'm just glad I don't have to identify a body and my daughter's okay.”

The family started getting text messages from Joyce's phone last night, saying she was kidnapped. One of them apparently said “If she doesn't do what I say, she'll be tied up, killed, and the body will be delivered cut up in pieces.”    

There were at least two other threatening text messages, which got the family worried, so they called police.

“Just stressing out really bad looking for her, trying to find her and make sure that she's okay,” said cousin Kai Cable, “We thought that we were going to be finding her dead. The text messages said that we were going to find her in a box or something like that, so we were just really scared.”

State Police concerned enough to issue an Amber Alert at six Wednesday night, and it worked. Calls came in immediately from people who saw her and two boys at Providence Place.      

Police won't say whether Joyce was ever in any danger. Her family said this isn't the first time she's taken off.

“She's kind of troubled,” said Cable, “Her mom kind of neglected her awhile ago, so she started running away and things like that.”

Joyce was taken to the Providence Police Department. For the past hour or so, she along with the two boys are being questioned. No word yet if they'll face any charges.