17 city snow plows broken down in New Bedford from blizzard

Many people in New Bedford are concerned about how effectively the city will be able to clean-up after snowstorms for the rest of the winter, now that 17 of the city's snow plows have broken down.

The city says that the snow plows stopped working during the recent massive blizzard, most likely breaking due to old age, mixed with an increased workload.

Upgrading the city's aging fleet of vehicles won't be cheap and will cost the city millions of dollars.


City councilor Henry Bousquet tells ABC6 News that the city is working on a plan to replace the old plows.

“People here have to understand it's the kind of thing you have to bond for and pay for it for the next 25-30 years if not indefinitely. We'll work out a way to build a strategic plan so we're not running around like a Chinese fire drill replacing some of this equipment, we need to do it little by little as we go on.” said Bousquet.