AG Wants Providence Triple Murder Suspects Tried as Adults

By: Melissa Toupin

Family members of the victims of last months triple homicide in Providence held hands as they learned of the two individuals charged with the murders.

A 17-year-old and a 16-year old were arrested in Providence yesterday, and appeared in family court this morning.

The grandmother of one of the suspects left the arraignment under heavy police watch saying, “the truth will prevail.”

The shooting inside an apartment building at Maplewood Terrace claimed the lives of three people. 22-year-old Shemeeka Barros, 23-year-old Damien Colon, and 23-year-old Michael Martin.

“He's my only child,”said Debra Martin, mother of Michael Martin, at a news conference this afternoon. “He was my life, and now he's gone.”

Investigators say the victims and the suspects knew each other, but would not elaborate on how. They say the motive was robbery.

Another big question, how these teens were able to get a gun, remains.

Search warrants were executed at each of the suspects homes. Police say “significant evidence” in the form of ammunition was seized at the second home.

The suspects are behind bars tonight, and the Attorney General's office is working to try them as adults.

“Justice has been served,” said Shemeeka Barros' mother.

Police credit the arrests in this case to good police work and community members coming forward with information.

The investigation is ongoing, and police say they are still looking for other suspects who might have played a role in the murder.