$23,000 In Gift Cards Given To Taunton Students

The local business owner is giving $20 in gift cards to 1,150 middle schoolers.


A Taunton business owner is giving back just in time for the holidays, taking a $23,000 loss to “bring smiles to kids’ faces.”

Rashaud Garner, owner of Platinum City Gaming on Route 44 in Taunton pre-loaded 1,150 gift cards to be given to children at Parker Middle School and Martin Middle School just days before Christmas. “It was just the time of year to give back,” says Garner.

“I think it’s a much needed sense of joy at a difficult time for all families,” says Martin Middle School Principal Elizabeth Rodrigues.

While he hopes the kids will have fun with the gift, Garner hopes parents will realize gaming can also hold educational value. “You can actually go to school for a career to become a professional gamer; you can become a professional engineer. You can even become a teacher for gaming.”

Taunton Superintendent John Cabral says he recognizes the unexpected gesture as more than a gift card, but an opportunity. “It’s not just what we think as parents or as adults that’s involved in gaming. There are really careers, and scholarships, and leagues regarding gaming.”

The gift cards will be given out on Tuesday morning to each student with $20 pre-loaded.

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