24th annual drum and bugle competition held in Bristol

by James Swierzbin



On the night before the country's oldest 4th of July celebration, Bristol played host to a drum and bugle competition, at Mount Hope High School.

Although a lot changes year to year, there's one thing that hasn't changed, since the competition kicked off 24-years ago, the man who introduces all of the acts.

Paul Cain has introduced hundreds of acts, over the two-decades he's MC'd, the Bristol Drum and Bugle Corps competition.

“I wouldn't miss this for the world, 24-years and I enjoy every moment of it.” said Cain.

This year there were 8-new acts, for Cain to introduce to the thousands of spectators, who came out to see some of the country's best drum and bugle corps.

Even after all this time, Paul hasn't gotten tired of spending a few hours every July, calling out to the Bristol crowd.

In fact it's a thrill that he looks forward to every year.

“When those kids perform and I don't get any goosebumps, then its time for me to say goodbye. But that hasn't happened yet and I hope it goes on forever. I enjoy it that much.” said Cain.

Out of the 8-teams that competed only one could win.

That team was the Carolina Crown.

They beat out another team called The Cadets, by just over one point.