Sfc3pmToday will be our last dry day as a weak cold front will disrupt our pleasant weather we are having.  Clouds increase through out the day. Winds will shift from the north to a south direction later in the day adding to the moisture in the atmosphere.

48hr Temp Sat Rad8pm

Tomorrow we have periods of rain, clouds, and even see the sun at various parts of the day. Keep the umbrella handy during the light waves of precipitation through Thursday/Friday, but you will definitely need it Saturday.Sfcmap Nm2

Depending on where you are located depends on how much rain we will get. We don’t expect it to be too much for Thursday and Friday. If you are in Northern RI, expect .10th of an inch; Along Cape totals up to half an inch. Saturday is the better day for rainfall totals. Wlne Rainfall Forecast

TODAY: Increasing clouds. High 58.

Tonight: Cloudy, low 45.

TOMORROW: Expect light scattered showers through out the day. Winds 10-20mph with gust up to 30mph along the Cape during the afternoon and early evening. High 55.

FRIDAY: Light, scattered showers through the day, cooler. High 53.

SATURDAY: Showers. High 43.

SUNDAY: Clouds breaking for some sunshine. Highs in the upper 40s reaching 50 degrees, but a chilly breeze is expected.



-Meteorologist Skylar Spinler

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