28-year-old woman first in nation to receive double lung transplant after contracting COVID-19

CHICAGO, I.L. (WLNE) – In April, 28-year-old Mayra Ramirez was diagnosed with COVID-19, but never thought she would be in the hospital hooked up to a ventilator and waking up six weeks later being told she had two new lungs.

Ramirez was working from home, not going out anywhere and taking precautions. One day at the end of April, Mayra was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago with severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Ramirez said, “I only had 10 minutes to let my family know I had to be incubated.”

Days and weeks passed by as the coronavirus took a deadly toll on her body. Her lungs were damaged and other organs began to fail.

There was one option to keep her alive, that being a double lung transplant, all while Ramirez was unaware she would be having the rare procedure.

“48 hours later I received my transplant on June 5th. I didn’t even recognize my own body, I couldn’t talk or lift my arm.”

It has been nearly two months since the life saving transplant and she admits she is still weak, and at times it is even a struggle to breathe.

Ramirez says the main reason she is sharing her story is to let people know the virus is still out there.

“My message is, this is not a hoax, this virus is real, it happened to me, it can happen to them.” Ramirez said.

Mayra says she does have an auto-immune disorder, but she says other than that she was a healthy 28-year-old.

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