3 Dollar Bar to remain closed

By Nicole Brazier

Owners of Federal Hill showing their support for the closing of the 3 dollar bar after marching down to City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

“The quality of the people that are brought up here, public safety issue that opposes to our customers and the customers of the surrounding restaurants, made it very difficult to operate,” says Michael Costantino, Manager at Venda.

However, according to 3 Dollar Bar owner Gianfranco Marrocco, the issue runs much deeper than his venue.

“Yes I’m calling them all racist. If not they wouldn’t be making this much noise. But nobody has the courage, the testicular fortitude as buddy used to say – to come out and say it,” says Marrocco.

The Federal Hill business district says that Morocco‘s bar is known for attracting rowdy clients and that many who would normally come to the area are now scared.

Their fears were confirmed early Saturday morning after a brawl involving more than 20 people.

“We had an event for 40 people that were coming in, they called me first thing Monday morning after hearing what happened over the weekend and they decided they were going to take their group elsewhere,” says Mark Gasbarro, owner of Gasbarro Wines.

“If you think the low prices attract bad people then all discount stores must be a breeding ground for vicious criminals,” says Marrocco.

The 3 dollar bar will remain shut down pending a Superior Court hearing on evidence that may be included in the licensing board hearings.

But according to Marrocco, it won’t matter either way. He believes the board isn’t giving him a fair hearing.