3-Year Old New Bedford Boy, Falls From Second Story Window

A 3-year old boy from New Bedford, plunges out a second story window, falling at least 15-feet to the pavement below.

For the woman and mother who saw it all happen, it's something she won't soon forget.

“I heard the screen fall, so when I looked, he came right out after the screen.” said Toni Gonsalves, who lives in the apartment complex across from the boy's. “

“I heard the thump and at first I though that maybe something just fell out the window. Until I stood up and realized it was a kid.”

The minute that Toni noticed that it was in fact a 3-year old boy, who had fallen, she ran over to check on him.

“It was really scary, he wasn't moving at all whatsoever, he wasn't even crying, no nothing.”said Gonsalves.

Toni said that within a matter of seconds the boy's mother was outside, in tears, checking on her injured son.

“She picked him up, he started crying and he was making some kind of movement.”

Soon after, an ambulance arrived on scene and the boy was whisked away.

Toni said that everything happened so quickly, it's hard to believe, it happened at all.

And both New Bedford Police and Toni, believe that the whole situation, was just a tragic accident.

“It happened so fast. And honestly I think he just pushed the screen and the screens don't always latch into the windows right. Kids were playing outside and I think that the little boy just heard the kids playing and he was just trying to look.” said Toni Gonsalves.

Toni said that the boy seemed alert when he was taken away by ambulance, even though he fell straight onto his back, and hit his head.

The boys current medical status is unknown, although New Bedford Police did say that he was airlifted to HASBRO Children's Hospital, for treatment and observation.