Politics aside, parties on both sides “disturbed” by actions in D.C.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Just hours after Congress certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Rhode Island’s local lawmakers are returning back to the Ocean State following a chaotic night in Washington.

“I’ve been in Congress now for 20 years and we’ve seen all kinds of protests, some quiet passionate, but we’ve never had a situation where protestors take it to the next level and storm the Capitol,” Representative Jim Langevin said.

Tweets flooded in from lawmakers with one common message: disappointment.

Senator Jack Reed tweeted:

Senator Whitehouse added:

On the other side of the political aisle, Republican Mayor of Cranston, Kenneth Hopkins released a statement saying in part, “This is not the America I know or we grew up in. The world watches as disturbed protesters and uncontrolled mobsters disrupt the national certification of a new President’s election.”

Statement from Cranston Mayor Hopkins re Washington, DC Events

R.I. GOP Chair Sue Cienki also condemned the violence.

“We didn’t agree when violence occurred over the summer in Wisconsin and Portland and certainly yesterday,” Cienki said. “The rhetoric has to be turned down. We have to get back to talking to one another and not resorting to violence.”

Following the chaos, Congress stood tall, reconvening in the very spot protesters invaded hours earlier.

The certification was the final piece needed to make the transition official, but some believe more action needs to be taken. 17 Democrats on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee led by Representative David Cicilline released this letter, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office.

Cicilline Letter

“It’s un-American, it’s unpatriotic, it’s undemocratic,” Congressman Cicilline said. “We’re not going to allow it to happen. It was very disturbing to see and I think the President has a real responsibility here.”

The Rhode Island U.S. Attorney’s Office also announced steps to prosecute those who traveled from the Ocean State to D.C. and played a part in the violence.

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