3rd housekeeper takes the stand in Hernandez trial

By News Staff


On Day 14 of the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, housekeeper Carla Barbosa takes the stand to testify. 

This comes after 2 other housekeepers testified on Monday about seeing guns in Hernandez’s home.

On Tuesday, Barbosa testified through an interpreter the happenings in the home the day after Lloyd’s murder, saying that she saw Shayanna Jenkins carry a large black trash bag and place it in the trunk of a red car. 

She testifies that she then saw Shayanna on the phone by the window, walking back and forth, crying and seeming nervous.

The defense appeared to be trying to make the point that Shayanna did not try to hide what she was doing with the trash bag, and it was not a suspicious act. 

When the defense asked Barbosa if, during the 3 times she was in the house, she ever saw any guns, she answered “no”.

Next to take the stand Tuesday morning was Massachusetts State Police Trooper Heather Sullivan with Crime Scene Services, who ID’s Odin Lloyd’s sweatshirt, sneakers, and undershirt. 

At that point, Odin Lloyd’s mom appears to be crying. She later leaves the courtroom when prosecution continues to show autopsy photos of Lloyd’s body. 

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