4 car garage collapses in Providence

 Nicole Brazier

PROVIDENCE – Mother Nature took its toll on this 4 car garage at the corner of Benefit and John streets in Providence late Wednesday night, startling the people living there as they were trying to go to bed.

“It was really low, like a slow, low, sound I’ve really never heard before,” said Amanda Pickens – who lives in the building.

She said at first she worried that a portion of the home was caving in… but then she heard and saw lights and sirens outside. When she ran to the garage she was relieved to find her car was parked outside.

“[I feel] Very lucky, and very bad for the other people who live in my house,” she said.

At least three cars sustained major damage from the collapse…. making a tough situation for the folks that use them to get to school and work.

“A lot of the people who live in my house are brown medical students and residents, so they actually use their cars a lot to drive to the hospital, it’s horrible,” said Pickens.

Crews arrived to assess the damage Thursday afternoon. They hope to begin demolition immediately, before any more snow or rain falls.
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