4 Central Coventry Fire District Employees resign in 2 days

By Kirsten Glavin



COVENTRY – The Interim Fire Chief of the Central Coventry Fire District referred to the ongoing employment situation as a mass exodus, Wednesday, after discussing his own resignation.

"I cant try and help the organization recover. So that is the reason for my resignation,” said Shawn Murray, Interim Fire Chief.

Shawn Murray joined the staff as Interim Fire Chief in January. On Tuesday, he announced he will resign September 30th, due to what he calls "a toxic political environment."  One that he says is preventing the bankrupt fire district from moving forward.

"This issue, clearly driven by politics, is having a detrimental effect in a number of ways. First and foremost on our employees," he said.

The chief’s resignation may have fueled an already heated fire within the district. In an interview Wednesday, Chief Murray disclosed that three other employees had put in their resignation, within the past two days.

"Some of our top officials, firefighters and command staff have also resigned and retired,” said David Gorman, President of the Firefighters Union.

David Godin, Fire Marshal of the Central Coventry Fire Department, said "physically, mentally, it was just so draining."

After 45 years, Godin called it quits as well and turned in his retirement paperwork on Wednesday afternoon.

"The person that called 9–1–1 feels they need help. I just always wanted to be, regardless of the outcome, at least one of those people that would try to help. And this is the thanks I get. So I’m pretty disgusted right now,” said Godin as he left the station.

Another firefighter on Wednesday put in his retirement as well, after nearly 30 years.  He was too shaken up to give a comment on the record.