4 shot in Central Falls

By: Melissa Toupin


Just steps away from where children play yellow police tape lines a blood stained sidewalk. Gauze wrappers soil the area near Hadwin and Tremont Streets in Central Falls Thursday.. They are the remains of a crime scene where 4 people were shot Wednesday night.  

“I'm so scared. You know I live over in this house. I'm really scared,” said Maria Martinez who lives a few houses away.

Around 10 PM neighbors heard the pops, which they thought were fireworks. One neighbor didn't want to give her name but told ABC6 that in the moments following the gun shots she looked out her window and saw one man on the ground and two other boys, who were also shot, running away.

Investigators flooded the area and collected bags of evidence. As they work to uncover a motive the 4 adult men who were shot are recovering at area hospitals. Their injuries are non-life threatening according to police.

Neighbors are worried about the apartment building they call a trouble spot.

“Something happens every day in this house. Every day in this house. The police coming every day. That's really bad,” said Martinez.

As of Thursday afternoon investigators weren't commenting on wether the shooter and the victims knew each other or if this was a random attack. So far no arrests in the case.

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