40 local questions on Barrington ballot

By: Melissa Randall

Connecting the arrows to mark a selection on the ballot is going to take a little extra time in Barrington this upcoming Election Day. Residents in that town will be voting on a long list of local questions. There are 40 of them. Yes. 40. And that’s on top of the 7 statewide questions and state and local candidates they will need to decide on.

Town officials have been working to educate the public. Earlier this month a question and answer session was held. Informational packets are available at town hall, the public library and senior center as well as online. Residents will be allowed to bring a cheat sheet with them so they can just copy over their answers, according to Town Clerk Meredith DeSisto.

Election workers are asking voters to come prepared. By law voters only have a 10 minute window to cast their ballots, but DeSisto says people should not to be concerned about the time.

“We want them to feel comfortable. We’re certainly not going to push them out the door,” she said.

DeSisto says extra steps are being taken to keep the lines manageable. Extra staff will be on hand and there will be more polls.

“We are now up to from 17 to 21 privacy booths,” she said.

The topics for the 40 questions range from house keeping items like how many times per month the town council should meet to should school committee members be paid and how reductions of the police and fire department should be handled.

There are about 14 thousand registered voters in town. The DeSisto expects about a 65% turnout.

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