45 days for North Kingstown former coach Aaron Thomas to hand over documents related to ‘fat checks’

February 10th is the next date set for both parties to appear in court.
Aaron Thomas
Former North Kingstown basketball coach, Aaron Thomas. (WLNE)

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) – In a civil case against former North Kingstown basketball coach Aaron Thomas, a judge has now ordered Thomas to turn over all documents regarding three former students and alleged ‘fat checks‘, in the next 45 days.

This comes days after Attorney Tim Conlon issued two subpoenas on behalf of three of Thomas’ former students. The subpoenas ask the North Kingstown School Department and Thomas for documents relating to the ‘fat checks’.

Tim Dodd, the attorney representing Aaron Thomas in this civil case, said in court on Friday his client did not have any of these documents in response.

After a discussion behind closed doors, Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft Carter narrowed down the original request (writ of replevin) originally filed by Conlon. She narrowed it down to require Thomas to only have to produce documents related to John Doe 1, 2 and 3.

A writ of replevin is a motion in which a plaintiff orders documents (or goods) from the defendant, whether they were legally or unlawfully obtained.

Outside the Washington County Courthouse, the plaintiff’s attorney responded to Thomas’ claim that he did not have any documents.

“I am fully aware that Mr. Thomas has denied having any such records, but I am certainly aware he does,” Conlon said to reporters.

Thomas did not attend Friday’s hearing.

February 10th is the next date when both parties will appear in court. On that date, either the documents relating to these three students will be presented to the judge, or Thomas will declare that he does not have anything to turn over.

This is a developing story, check back for details.

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