$46k worth of cocaine, heroin seized in New Bedford drug bust

By News Staff


$46,000 worth of drugs was seized in New Bedford Tuesday.

Officers executed three search warrants as part of an investigation into a cocaine and heroin delivery service and found cocaine, heroin, and guns.

The warrants were executed on Roosevelt St., Warren St., and Chancery St. Officers seized 280 grams of cocaine, 180 grams of heroin, a firearm and ammunition. They also found $45,977 in cash.

The firearm was a .22 supershot eight firearm. Ammunition seized included ammunition for a .22 firearm, .9 mm shot shells, .9 mm Winchester rounds, .40 cal ammunition and three high-capacity magazine.

Police arrested 37-year-old Rafael Reyes of Roosevelt St. and charged him with trafficking in cocaine and heroin, possession with intent to distribute, and trafficking in a school zone. Police say he was the target of the investigation. They are still investigating who owned the gun and ammunition.

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