5-year-old boy in New York City passes away from rare disease possibly linked to COVID-19

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A 5-year-old boy passed away in New York City from a rare inflammatory disease on Thursday, believed to be linked to COVID-19, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo said during his Friday press conference that they are investigating several other child deaths.

Cuomo said the 5-year-old died from these COVID–19 related complications and there are 73 reported cases in New York. Health officials are referring to it as “pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome,”  which is affecting children who show symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome.

Just on Wednesday, ABC6 news spoke to Michael Koster, a pediatric and infectious disease specialist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  Koster said doctors aren’t sure if it’s related to COVID-19, but these pediatric clusters seem to happen in areas about 1 month after reaching its peak of COVID-19. Koster also said two thirds of patients tested positive for COVID-19.

Symptoms include a fever, rash, conjunctivitis in your eyes, mucosal changes, and severe abdominal pain and vomiting, according to Koster.

While patients don’t have to have all symptoms, Koster said doctors are reporting all patients do have a fever, usually up to 5 days.

Parents who notice their children are having symptoms should call their pediatrician.

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