5-year-old said man and woman chased her and tried to lure her into their car

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) – A Fall River mother said her 5-year-old was playing in the yard when a man and woman chased after her and tried to lure her inside their car.

“I come outside the kitchen door and I see my daughter running to open the door and crying,” Maria Fonseca said. “She was shaking and said mommy two people are chasing me and trying to take me.”

Fonseca lives off of North Eastern Avenue, a busy street, in Fall River. On Monday around 7 p.m., she went inside while her daughter was playing outside.

Her 5-year-old said she was in the front yard when a man and woman approached her.

“She said a white car stopped right on the sidewalk,” Fonseca said. “Two people got out. A girl and a guy. The guy was telling her I got candy and the girl was saying come here, come here.”

Her daughter said they chased her around before she ran to the door. Fonseca did not see the car but called the police because she said she has no reason to believe her daughter would make this up.

“She’s not a kid to make up stories,” Fonseca said. “To see her reaction, shaken up, crying. She doesn’t want the door open. She thinks they’re going to come inside and take her.”

Fonseca now wants other parents to be aware.

“Always watch your kids, they are not safe even in their backyards,” she said.

Fall River Police are investigating, but because there is limited information they say it’s going to be a tough one.

Police are looking for a white 4 door sedan. Anyone with any information is asked to call the police department.

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