6 Questions with Vinny Paz about the movie “Bleed For This”

By: John DeLuca


"Bleed for This"… the movie about Cranston boxer Vinny Paz’s incredible comeback from a horrific car crash opened nationwide over the weekend.

Before the release…I sat down with him to talk about the movie.

He told me he cried the first time he saw it.

What does he think of miles teller’s performance?

What does he hate about the movie?

How much will he make from it..and what’s next for the Pazmanian devil?

We touched on all of it and more… in this edition of 6 Questions.

"J: Does it nail it? V: It nails it…yeah..yeah they did not over exaggerate one thing…”

“J: They had to exaggerate something! Every movie exaggerates something!”

“V: John when I tell you they under-exaggerated 2 scenes.”

 “J: How much you can bench?”

“V: No, not that…2 scenes… they had miles winning 20 thousand dollars and throwing it on top of the girl…which is what I did…but it was 65 thousand….the other one was when I came home from the hospital with the halo on my head. I literally started working out a couple days later…they didn’t make it seem like that in the movie…because no one would believe it."

"J: When you’re getting to know him and he’s getting to know you…and he’s like I’ve gotta be Vinny Paz…what parts did he nail and what parts did he not quite get?”

“V: There’s not much he didn’t get and I’m kinda like pissed off…like imitating me he kinda does sound like me…and I’m like shut up."

"V: He played a perfect part…I can’t see anybody playing it better than him."

"J: What drove you through all of the pain all of the suffering?”

“V: That’s a good question…and I just bang the heart…that’s it there’s no more I can say…just…”

“J: That’s easy to say but there’s always a pain period…very few can go through that..but you actually did. V: I’m just a little different..that’s all not better…just a little different."

"J: How fun was it to be doing all of that with your dad?…you guys were in that together.”

 “V: The only thing I hate about this movie…my parents are not here to see it."

"J: When you watched it for the first time…the director’s next to you…your girlfriend’s next to you…you’re watching what you’re doing…how miles teller’s playing you..but when your parents came on the screen…what did you think?”

 “V: That’s the first time I started tearing up…when that happened…when Kiaran Hines came in…was looking at me at the same social club that my father was in…when he saw that I was in a car accident..same club…that’s when I started tearing up."

"J: Any fights you wish you didn’t take?”

“V: Nope!”

“J: No regrets..”

“V: I have no regrets of anything….my life is what it is…and I think it’s been a pretty good life. I’ve helped a lot of people. I’ve made a lot of people happy. I’ve inspired a lot of people. I’ve done a lot for charities. There’s not a thing I would change because that means something else would change too."

"J: Do you get a piece of the movie?”

“V: A little…very little {laugh} John…it’s about me , it’s because of me..none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for me… I get a little bitty…”

“J: That doesn’t seem right Vinny.”

“V: No it don’t seem right John, no it don’t seem right at all but that’s life…what are you gonna do?"

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