60 new license plate cameras to be installed in Providence

This is a photo of a license plate reading cameras. (WLNE)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Providence police said Wednesday that 60 new license plate reading cameras will be installed throughout the city.

This is in addition to an existing 25 Flock cameras that were installed for a one-year program back in September.

It wasn’t immediately known where the cameras will be located. The new cameras are part of a three year contract, for $160,000 a year.

Over the summer, Providence police announced flock cameras were to be installed throughout the city in September at no cost for the city. That was part of a trial run.

Police said because of how effective it was, more are being added throughout the capital city.

Mayor Jorge Elorza said he’s proud of what these cameras have done for the city in making it a safer place in deterring criminals.

“If youre someone who is engaged in serious crime in the city of Providence with these license plate readers your chances of getting caught have sky rocketed,” he said.

Police also discussed updated statistics on crime in Providence, saying violent crime is down 37% over the past 12 years, adding several illegal guns have been taken off the streets in the past couple of months.

Also Wednesday, the Rhode Island ACLU released a statement on the 60 new flock cameras, saying this is a danger to civil liberties and that the city should be investing instead in housing and education.

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