63 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes seized, 24 arrested since launch of Providence’s initiative

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — More than a month after launching their Community Response Team, Providence police said they seized 63 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes and arrested 24 people in connection to the vehicles.

“These vehicles put our motorists and pedestrians in danger and it negatively impacts the quality of out neighborhoods,” said Mayor Brett Smiley. “I’m proud of the work the Community Response Team has done to remove these illegal vehicles off our streets.”

Smiley said the issue gets worse as the weather gets warmer following Memorial Day weekend.

“As we head into Memorial Day weekend and the start of warmer weather, I want to reiterate we have no tolerance for the use of illegal ATVs and dirt bikes on our streets,” he said.

The mayor warned that those who ride the illegal vehicles will have them taken away by police and either destroyed or donated.

Police on Thursday destroyed 12 of the 63 illegal ATVs and dirt bikes seized on city streets.

ATVs that were confiscated and are in quality condition will be donated if there is a municipality that can demonstrate responsible use of them, the mayor’s office added.

Providence Mayor Brett Smiley and Col. Oscar Perez are seen at a press conference, Thursday, May 25, 2023. (WLNE)

Smiley said that in the two years prior, 102 vehicles have been taken off the streets by police, including ATVs and other models of dirt bikes — both not allowed for use on city streets.

Col. Oscar Perez said police will be active this weekend by responding to complaints, patrolling, and addressing anyone riding these illegal vehicles.

“I commend the officers who are part of the Community Response Team and our entire department for their continued efforts to hold violators accountable and remove illegal vehicles from our streets,” Perez said. “Providence police will continue to focus on this issue throughout the summer months.”

Perez urged any residents disturbed by the illegal vehicles to call 401-680-8288.

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