7-year-old makes jewelry for charity

TAUNTON, MA- A 7–year–old girl is using her creativity to help kids at Boston Children's Hospital.

Inside the Taunton Uno Chicago Grill, there's more than pizza dough being made in the kitchen. Jennifer Diniz, sits at a small table near the front door, making beaded bracelets.  

She's the pint-size creator of hundreds of bracelets that are being sold and worn for ill children.

For the past two days she's sat at the table; her sales tactic: simple.

“I tell them what it's for and when someone walks in I say hi or hello, and when they leave I say bye, have a nice day,” said Diniz.

Heather Diniz, Jennifer's mother adds, “She understands way more than probably a 7–year–old should know. So, she knows that a lot of kids there that don't want to be there and she's just trying to make it a little bit easier.”

The bracelets are $2 each and Jennifer has a goal to sell 500. Proceeds from the bracelets along with a portion of sales from the Uno Chicago Grill will be donated to the hospital.

“Anyone who comes into the restaurant and says that they'd like to support the ‘dough raiser,' we donate 20% of whatever they spend in the restaurant,” said Manager, Lindsey Duckworth.

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