FOUND: 73-year-old woman missing from assisted living facility in Attleboro

By News Staff 


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ATTLEBORO, MASS (WLNE) – The Attleboro Police Department announced Monday afternoon that 73 year old Dorothy Lucas who was reported missing Saturday has been found.

Lucas had been reported missing Saturday night by staff members of the assisted living facility in Attleboro where she lives.

There was no indication that she left the facility against her will.

Lucas had left the facility with Mark Chicone, 51, who had befriended her while he was visiting another resident at the nursing home.

Lucas has willingly left the facility with Chicoine.

Chicoine’s involvement with Lucas’ disappearance is being investigated.

He is not being charged with any crime at this time and there is no indication that he harmed Lucas, according to Police.

Lucas was transported by ambulance to a Braintree area hospital to receive treatment and medications required for her medical conditions.

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