81-year-old catches robbers while sleeping inside his bar

By Dana Griffin


SEEKONK, MA- 81–year–old Mitchell Massiwer knows a thing or two about patience.

“It's like putting out a piece of cheese for a mouse. They'll come and eat it and they'll come back again, and they'll come back again,” said Massiwer.

After being robbed two weeks ago, he set up a bed and has slept at his bar every night; waiting for the thieves to strike again.

“I heard them with a crow bar break open the music machine and that made a loud noise, so that's when I dialed 911,” said Massiwer.

“I'm not surprised Mitch did that. Mitch is the man,” said friend and customer, Eric Peters.

5 o'clock Sunday morning, still hidden inside the locked room, Mitchell called police and within minutes they surrounded West Wind and found the suspects hiding inside closets.

“This has always been such a cozy small place and like just hearing that is like wow,” said Peters.

Mitchell says 100 bottles of liquor were stolen, along with cash and graffiti was sprayed throughout the building.

About thirty bottles have been recovered and returned.

Massiwer said, “By them getting caught people don't know if I'm in there or not; they'll think twice about trying it.”


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