9-year-old’s essay wins free trip for another boy’s family

By: Melissa Toupin


As Tyler Chobanian, 9, sat in his Cumberland home Friday he seemed un phased by his recent good deed. The 3rd grader entered a contest and won a free trip for another boy's family.  

The contest was put on by Kids Klub, an after school program run out of the JMM Cumberland Hill Elementary School. Entering it was optional. Chobanian says the topic of the essay was to explain why you think your parents should get a vacation. Instead Tyler wrote about a friend.

“I wrote: I think that Sean should get the vacation to New Hampshire. I think this because since his mom has cancer they need time to relax,” said Chobanian.

'Sean' is another 3rd grader in the program. The two have been friends since first grade and play basketball together. Sean's mother, Kim Gauvin, is battling cancer. Chobanian says he felt the Gauvin's deserved a free vacation more than his family.

“He really didn't seem like there was another option for him. It just was what should happen because it was right,” said Sarah Parrillo, Chobanian's mother. 

Parrillo wasn't surprised by her son's selfless act. 

“He's very sensitive and very in tune to other people's feelings and emotions,” she said.

But to the 9-year-old it wasn't about winning or even the trip. It was simply about being there for a friend.

“He said thanks, and I said you're welcome,” said Chobanian.

The Gauvin's trip is scheduled for the 4th of July holiday.