A Circus In The Courtroom: Kimberly Fry Fires Her Attorney

     The case of the North Kingstown mother who suffocated her 8-year old daughter keeps getting more bizarre. In the middle of a hearing Friday, Kimberly Fry had an outburst and fired her attorney. ABC6 Reporter Shannon O'Brien was in court.

     Throughout the trial and subsequent hearings, you could tell that it was difficult for Kimberly Fry to sit silent, letting her attorneys speak on her behalf. During a hearing that was supposed to be about her request for a new trial, she cracked.

     A storm was brewing inside Kimberly fry from the beginning, agitated when court was called to session. It built up as her attorney, Joseph Salvadore began his argument as to why the judge should delay sentencing. Then… an outburst.

     “Your honor, may I speak?” Fry stood up to ask. With the opportunity to speak, Fry fired her attorney for the second time in just 10 days.

    Salvadore, who first met with Fry at the end of December, planned on asking the judge for a new trial because Fry says she never agreed to the accident defense put forward at her murder trial. Instead, she believes this is a case of diminished capacity.   

“I do not want Mr. Salvadore to represent me.”

     Apparently, Fry has not been happy with anyone who has represented her, blaming her lawyers for her position, sounding like the victim instead of a convicted murderer.

     Fry desperately tried to take control and turn the courtroom into her platform. “There is something important to be said. I am prepared to argue on my behalf for a new trial,” she told the judge.

     Judge Carnes stopped the circus, saying he would appoint Fry new council and set a hearing sometime in the future, but not before Fry got in one last comment.

“Your honor, I am not a murderess. This is a horrible, horrible injustice.”
     Judge Carnes ended that hearing by saying he is going to appoint another attorney to represent Fry and set a hearing date for some time in the future.