A City Council member calls for Kevin Jackson to step down

By Ana Bottary



Kevin Jackson, the longest standing providence city councilor has resigned from his role as the councils majority leader, as well as a member of the finance committee. The decision comes after his arrest Wednesday, charged with giving false documents, personal use of campaign funds, unlawful appropriation and embezzlement. Including allegedly spending over $12 thousand campaign funds, and allegedly embezzled over 127 thousand dollars from the cobras- a youth track and field club he founded- since 2009 in the form of various cash withdrawals and personal expenses. Resigning from the two roles, but not giving up his seat on the city council. Which some City Councilors, like Seth Yurdin disagree with.

"Kevin Jackson should resign from his seat,"says Yurdin.
Yurdin, who is Jackson’s predecessor as majority leader, says this is the third action brought against Jackson by the state.
"There were two civil actions brought by the state of Rhode Island based on failure to properly disclose proper campaign finance issues. Those have been in the past or over the past 15 years," Yurdin says.
City council President Luis Aponte released a statement, saying in part, he accepts and respects his decision and wishes him well. Yurdin says the allegations that have been put forward are very serious, and feels his presence on the city council is a distraction from the city business.

"The residents of Providence and all of Rhode Island deserve better,"he adds.

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