A Deeper Look Into Kimberly Fry’s Past

This pre-sentence report was generated from three interviews conducted by
an employee of the Department of Corrections with Kimberly Fry. The information within covers a wide variety of topics.

We have told you about what Fry says happened the night she killed her 8-year old daughter, about her disobedience in jail, her obsession with cleanliness, and now, her history. Information about her life, as she tells it,
before that night in August of 2009 when she suffocated her child.

Part of Kimberly Fry's pre-sentence report is about her family and personal history. In it, Fry starts by saying she left home after high school because,
quote, “I couldn't take my dad's abuse anymore.” She stated that her father
would have “rages,” saying, “I was always walking on eggshells with my
father. He scared me. He would hit my mother and throw things. Once or
twice a month, he would have these rages and if I spoke up, he would come
after me.”

In the report, Fry says she has not had a relationship with her
father since an incident in 2005 when she says her father attacked her. She refused to provide details of that attack in this interview. However, in a letter to one of Fry's therapists written in 2006, which is
not part of the pre-sentence report, Fry states her father tried to kill
her. “I fell apart. I was depressed,” said Fry.

In another letter to her mother, Fry wrote, “I have nightmares of my 'father' raising a knife over his head to stab me.”

She claims to have suffered “post traumatic stress disorder” as a result of this incident.

Fry went to college, became a nurse, got married, and had a child. Throughout her history, much of what Kimberly Fry describes is a happy and privileged life with bouts of depression. Most of which seems to have been brought on by
situations including, Fry states, her “daughter's tantrums,” for which
she, “felt like a failure.”

To cope, Fry would drink. She lists
at least six different medications she took, including pain and
sleeping pills. She admitted that she would occasionally “misuse”
medications. The night she killed her 8 year old daughter Camden, Fry admitted
to taking two Klonopin pills for anxiety which she says, “wasn't a good

The information in this report is not gospel truth. It is Kimberly Fry's account of events. She was not questioned nor cross examined about anything she said during the interview. We tried to contact Fry's parents for a reaction to the statements made in this report, but as of now, we have not heard back from them.