A gaseous odor is an on-going problem at Broad Rock Middle School

There's a foul -smelly odor at the Broad Rock Middle school in South Kingstown ,it's a source of irritation for parents and students .Parents have been complaining about a gas smell coming from the school for 2 months,and no one has been able to figure out what it is or where it's coming from.Stacey Girard told ABC6,

” it's very concerning that my daughter and other children are in a building with a smell and not knowing what it is it makes us worry that they're supposed to be at a school that supposed to be safe”

John Richotte of the South Kingston school department says they have been searching diligently for the cause of the odor.Richotte says they have eliminated part of the smell, which came from faulty belts on a ventilator but says,”we continue to work on it we continue to have the industrial hygienist working with it and we're zeroing in on it ” Richotte says, they have also done extensive testing and says the school has been deemed safe.Parents and students say, they won't breathe a sigh of relief until the smell is completely gone.