A Historic Win for Mitt Romney, Local Students Get Lesson in NH

A historic win for Mitt Romney. He's the first Republican since 1976 to win the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. 

Almost half of the granite state's voters identified themselves as independent. And, that was a key to Ron Paul's strong second place. Jon Huntsman had a late game surge. But he came in third.

Next up is South Carolina. It could be the last chance for someone to bring down Mitt Romney.

Abc 6 Anchor and Political Reporter Mark Curtis has insight from from New Hampshire.

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Some local high school students are just back from a special trip to New Hampshire, where they got up close and personal with the candidates.

Five of the 22 students from the Providence Country Day school trip will be old enough to vote in the November election. But, they all say the real-life lesson in politics — attending rallies, and listening to the candidates platforms — was a valuable experience.

One student was featured on C-SPAN for a question he asked Rick Santorum.

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David Oppenheimer said: “I asked him that since in the Declaration of Independence, it says that all men are created equal, why is it that when a man is born gay he doesn't have a right to marry? But, when a man is born straight he does. And, shouldn't that inherited unequalness not be allowed.”

The trip was part of a senior elective class, called Campaign 2012.