A stronger and earlier flu season expected

By: Chelsea Priest, cpriest@abc6.com

The achiness, the fever, the cough, all symptoms of the dreaded flu. This year the Centers for Disease Control say we need to be prepared sooner rather than later. Dr. James McDonald of the Rhode Island Department of Health explains, “Flu season typically starts right after Christmastime in Rhode Island and this season we are noticing it starting a little earlier. Last year, by way of example, the season came later and was milder, this year the season is earlier and a little more severe.”

That's why the Health Department is urging people to get the vaccine, especially the elderly and the very young. Dr. McDonald goes on, “We can't predict what each year is going to be like that's why we ask everyone to get a flu vaccine every year.”

More than one third of all Americans have been vaccinated so far. There also seems to be plenty of vaccines still available.

To find a full list of locations to get the flu vaccine, visit health.ri.gov