A sunny surprise, but clouds and showers on the way

No qualms about it, today was a busted forecast!  What looked like a cool, cloudy day with on and off showers yesterday was instead replaced with a good deal of sunshine, especially across northern portions of our area. But the clouds have rolled back in at this point and we are going to (for real this time) kick off a stretch of daily scattered shower chances that will last through next week. The air will also be turning more humid as we go forward as well.

While this type of pattern will make planning outdoor activities difficult, we can take solace in the fact that there at least WILL be dry time each day. Just be prepared to check that radar early and often! As far as temperatures go, temperatures trend a bit warmer as we head into the weekend with upper 70s to near 80. Factor that humidity in and it will feel warmer than that.


Meteorologist Geoff Bansen

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