A Turkey’s Revenge

             A 15lb wild turkey flew into the window of a Bellingham man's home, just in time for Thanksgiving.

            56-year-old Blair Belcher says he was hanging lights on the bushes out front of his home when 21 turkeys strolled onto his lawn. Belcher says turkeys are always gobbling around his neighborhood, but where one of the turkeys ended up, wasn't so normal. 

     “He was heading right for the window and I begged him not to do it but he did it anyway,” says Belcher. 

              Belcher says he was in his own little world, when he saw one of the turkeys wander off into the neighbors yard. 

              “I saw one go across the street, the dog barked, and he took off straight into the window,” says Belcher.

              Belcher says the turkey smacked into the double pane window on the front of his house before falling to the ground. No one was inside when the turkey took the fatal hit. Belcher didn't cook the turkey, but instead gave it a proper burial in his backyard. 

              Belcher laughed, “everyone's stopping by to see what the turkey did, Happy Thanksgiving, I couldn't even eat him.”

              Belcher says the window will cost about a thousand dollars to fix. A price that's bought him a great story to tell for many Thanksgivings to come.