AAA expecting significant drop in travel this Thanksgiving

According to AAA, we're likely to see an almost 50 percent reduction in air travel, with 95 percent of travelers going by car.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – With the rise in Covid-19 cases across the country, and social gathering restrictions this holiday season, AAA says we’re looking at a steep drop in travel for what is usually the biggest travel period each year.

According to AAA, we’re likely to see an almost 50 percent reduction in air travel, with 95 percent of travelers going by car.

“Even within that group of travelers it’s very much wait and see. People are looking at the social gathering restrictions and things like that before they’re making final decisions this year,” said AAA Spokesperson Diana Gugliotta.

As cases continue to skyrocket, Gugliotta says they’re predicting a 10 percent decrease in travel this year, but says it’ll like likely be much more since AAA made those predictions last month.

“Because Covid cases have escalated since mid-October, it may indeed be far more than 10 percent,” said Gugliotta.

According to Gugliotta, those numbers are some of the lowest since the recession in 2008.

Coventry resident B.J. Knapp says she usually hosts upwards of 25 people from all over New England – but not this year.

“My husband’s family’s from Vermont, mine is from Connecticut, we have friends from Massachusetts, friends who are local, and it ends up being a thing,” said Knapp. “And – this year it’s not going to be a thing!”

Linda Curhan in Warwick was supposed to celebrate with her family on the Cape. This year they’ll all be baking special boxes of goodies for each other instead.

“We’re going to meet her on the border of Massachusetts and we’re going to swap all the boxes,” said Curhan. “And then on Thanksgiving we’re going to open up the boxes via video chat and have dinner together!”

AAA says as of now they are expecting this significant drop in travel to be along the same lines for the holiday travel period in December as well.

“We’re going to appreciate what we have and the people we can see, and that’s the name of the game in 2020,” said Knapp.

If you’re planning to travel, you can check out this map to find out about the restrictions in your area.

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