Aaron Hernandez body language examined

Providence, RI- “He’s ready to explode but he knows he’s in a controlled environment. He can’t do that but he’s as much enraged as you’re gonna see Aaron Hernandez,” said body language expert, Joyce Fernandes.

Abc 6 News sat down with Fernandes and looked at video of Hernandez’s reaction the moment jurors convicted him of first–degree murder.

Some may think he was emotionless, but Fernandes says he’s got reaction written all over him.

“The reality is he’s showing a lot of emotion, he’s just doing it in little micro–expressions so you have to watch the little movements: his lips, his eyes- the way he dots his eyes around. He’s being as aggressive and as active as he was on the Gillette playing field when he was a receiver. He’s doing the same thing but he’s holding it in,” said Fernandes.

Fernandes is a communications professor at Bristol Community College and has studied non–verbal communication for over 36 years.

She says there’s a 33% margin of error in evaluating body language, but says in Hernandez’s case, he isn’t really masking his feelings.

Fernandes said, “If they say he killed Odin because of disrespect– let’s just say we take that premise as true- what do you think the jury just did? That’s the ultimate disrespect.”

Throughout the trial he’s been stoic, seen laughing, and called arrogant. Fernandes says it all makes sense.

“This is like pride that he has to establish himself as the Aaron Hernandez he sees himself as, as being above the law. So, he’s actively thinking about what’s gonna happen next and it’s not gonna be in prison for the rest of his life, it’s what he’s gonna do to others,” said Fernandes.

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