Aaron Hernandez moved to segregated unit after jailhouse fight

By: Melissa Randall


Aaron Hernandez is usually kept away from the other inmates here at the Bristol County Jail but Tuesday afternoon the former NFL stand out crossed paths with another prisoner while out of his cell. The two got into a fight.

“We have a policy that only one person is out at a time in that unit and somehow there were two inmates out at the same time,” said Thomas Hodgson, the Bristol County Sheriff.

Hernandez was on his daily three hour break- that prisoners are given- when the jailhouse brawl broke out. TMZ reports the other inmate was taunting Hernandez.

It's unclear exactly who started the fight, but Sheriff Hodgson says Hernandez's notoriety makes him a target for inmates looking to raise their own status in the jail by creating an issue.

“I'm not saying that happened in this case but those are kind of the things that make us decide to put people in special management so those things that kind of things don't happen,” said Hodgson.

Neither man had serious injuries. The Sheriff is now interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video to find out how this happened. It's the first notable incident Hernandez has been involved in since he was locked up last summer for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

“I can't get into anybody's record during their time here with regards to behavior but by and large she's been a relatively good inmate,” said Hodgson.

Depending on what the investigation find Hernandez or the other inmates could be disciplined internally for breaking the rules or there could be criminal charges filed.

The sheriff is also looking into wether any of his officers made a mistake that put the two men together.

Hernandez has been moved to a segregated housing unit with only a few other inmates during the investigation.

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