Abandoned obese cat dies in animal hospital

By Kirsten Glavin



An abandoned cat that gained national attention for his weight problem, passed away Saturday afternoon at the North Kingstown Animal Hospital.  Local veterinarians had been fighting to help the animal since he was found in poor condition last month.

"He went into cardiac arrest. And he has passed away,” confirmed Tammy Flanagan, Executive Director of the East Greenwich Animal Protection League.

Those who worked to save the cat, affectionately known as Jabba, were heartbroken at the loss.  "We were hoping that he would be able to live out the rest of his life comfortable,” said Flanagan.

The 15–year–old male cat, abandoned in East Greenwich, made national headlines for weighing 26 pounds.He was morbidly obese.  "It’s unfortunately due to the condition that he was in. His body just couldn’t handle it,” added Flanagan.

Jabba was found at a local park last month in horrible condition. He was matted with feces, and in desperate need of medical attention. A witness said that she saw the cat dumped here, at Scalloptown Park, with just a bowl of food.  The person that abandoned the cat drove off in a black Toyota.  A police officer responded to the call and took him to the animal hospital for treatment.

Multiple people showed up at the East Greenwich Animal Protection League Saturday afternoon, for what would have been an open adoption session for Jabba.

"We have a cat with special dietary needs so we felt like we could accommodate his needs as well, and wanted to help,” said Briana Faiola, a hopeful adopter.  After learning of his death, many said neglect cases like this need to end.  "There needs to be repercussions for people who neglect their animals,” said Ryan Crowley, Faiola’s fiancé.

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